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20+ MLB Teams, hundreds of D1 Programs,
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Perfect practice

9 unique training drills

Provide your team and players with the ability to practice in VR and conquer each phase of pitch flight. And with the WIN Bat Attachment, they can step up to the plate and swing away in Batting Practice or Situational Hitting.


Stat tracking

Player dashboard

Track their progress and design a custom training program for your team and individual players with your own player development dashboard. Here you can monitor their progress, see what they're doing well, and where there's still room to improve.


Train together

Individual player profiles

Give each of your players their very own profile within WIN Reality so they can individually monitor their own progress, and watch their stats improve over the course of the year.

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"It's a huge part of what we do. It's so important for kids to get game-like experiences, and WIN provides it for them."

- Dan Simonds IMG Academy