Monetizing WIN + Increasing Player Adoption

Expert on WIN

Your Performance Analyst is ready to provide you with any and all information to make this relationship a success! Use our video resources and Analyst's knowledge to understand how to communicate the value of WIN to players!

Player Adoption

Have your players begin working with the WIN Series software. Questions that come up can be directed to your Performance Analyst. Tell them about the opportunity to continue working on their pitch recognition skills at home!


Create a package that caters to your Academy demographic. With your subscription switching to $0/month, you will now be able to price the utilization of WIN as you please.



We at WIN know the value in our product, but also understand that facilities have a lot of moving pieces to think about. We want to take the stress out of positioning our product and provide you with all of the tools needed! To do this, we have come up with the Academy to At-Home flip. What this means, is that if you get 20+ hitters at your academy to sign up for an at-home membership with WIN ($24/month), we will make your membership with us $0/month! This allows you to take advantage of our Academy subscription for free, giving you access to unlimited WIN users, all new updates and advanced features, and future advanced reports.

WIN Expert

  • Your Performance Analyst is there to be a resource and wealth of knowledge with WIN. If you haven’t already, schedule a meeting to learn everything you need to know about WIN!
  • Know the main talking points (Real data, Real pitcher mechanics) 
  • “No other way to see live pitching outside of a game than WIN”
  • Learn to dominate the strike zone (Batting averages: .158 on swings out of the zone vs. .292 on swings in the zone)

Academy Tasks

  • 20+ hitters at your facility purchase an at-home subscription 
  • Create a username for them, if not done already (they will use this username to train in the facility and at home) 
  • Communicate that the username created by the at-home user during signup with WIN is for billing purposes only
  • Use the username created by your Academy, so that you can assign training for at home use and track all the data on your dashboard

Monetize WIN

  • With your subscription switched to $0/month, you are able to price the package as you please. Think about your lesson pricing, to decide how to best price WIN add-on. 
  • Take advantage of the built-out training progression: Baseline 2.0 -> 4 recommendations for training -> 3 variations each -> Reassessment 2.0 (12 total weeks)
  • Level up to the next skill level (Y -> H -> C -> Pro) or up to 4 new recommendations, reassess again after 4 weeks 
  • Get to know the Baseline Report (initial Baseline review) every good training will run you through an assessment and charge for this – $40 for a Baseline Report review