WIN U #6: Hitting Beta Phase 2 is Here!

This week we're back with WIN U to talk about an exciting upgrade to WIN Reality, and that's Phase 2 of our Hitting Beta! We've made a number of improvements to the overall experience, and launched some new features that help immerse you even further into the Beta program. We can't wait for you to jump in and see the… Read More

Winner’s Circle Episode #6: Carlos Collazo from Baseball America stops by!

This week on the Winner's Circle, Carlos Collazo joins us to talk about his new podcast, Future Projections, the looming International Draft, the growing hype around Jasson Dominguez, and whether or not Kumar Rocker and Jack Leiter could skip the minor leagues entirely.  Timestamps:  0:00-1:13 - Future Projection 1:14-2:41 - The coming reality of an International Draft 2:42-4:08 -… Read More

Winner’s Circle Episode #5: Tanner Carson joins us in the studio!

This week we're joined by Tanner Carson (@Raised_In_Baseball)! In this episode, Carl and Tanner talk about preparing for the season, changes in off-season approach, and how they try to pick up pitches effectively.    Timestamps:  0:00-0:46 - Back on the field and ready to compete 0:47-2:07 - Routine and training for the season 2:08-3:45 - Hitting nukes and approach… Read More

WIN U #5: Quick Recognition Two-Strike

This week, Adam Ravenelle's back to work through a live coaching session. This time focusing on our Quick Recognition two-strike mode! In this practice program, hitters are challenged to bring all that they've learned from each of our training modes, and apply them at the same time.     Read More

Winner’s Circle Episode #4: Yolanda McRae & the Arkansas Razorbacks

For this episode of the Winner's Circle, we speak with assistant coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Yolanda McRae, about their approach to the 2021 season, and their march to get back to the College World Series, and ultimately to take home the national title.  Timestamps:  0:00-1:32 - Getting back on the field 1:33-2:46 - Starting the year 5-2 and… Read More

WIN U #4: Working through Pitch Recognition

In this WIN U Episode, our Director of Performance Analytics, Adam Ravenelle, takes us through a live coaching session for a player in pitch recognition mode!  Timestamps 0:00-0:44 - Setting up Pitch Recognition 0:45-1:18 - How to be successful 1:19-3:06 - Getting off to a hot start 3:07-3:43 - Interpreting the in-app real-time metrics 3:44-4:20 - Starting a conversation… Read More