Winner’s Circle Episode #4: Yolanda McRae & the Arkansas Razorbacks

For this episode of the Winner's Circle, we speak with assistant coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Yolanda McRae, about their approach to the 2021 season, and their march to get back to the College World Series, and ultimately to take home the national title.  Timestamps:  0:00-1:32 - Getting back on the field 1:33-2:46 - Starting the year 5-2 and… Read More

WIN U #4: Working through Pitch Recognition

In this WIN U Episode, our Director of Performance Analytics, Adam Ravenelle, takes us through a live coaching session for a player in pitch recognition mode!  Timestamps 0:00-0:44 - Setting up Pitch Recognition 0:45-1:18 - How to be successful 1:19-3:06 - Getting off to a hot start 3:07-3:43 - Interpreting the in-app real-time metrics 3:44-4:20 - Starting a conversation… Read More

WIN U #3: Preparing for the season

Welcome back to our WIN U series! In this week's episode, long-time baseball executive Dan O'Dowd stops by to talk with Ryan Bennett about the best way to prepare for the 2021 season, regardless of whether you're in little league, high school, college, or already at the professional level. The guys also talk about their keys to success, and what… Read More

Winner’s Circle Episode #2: Todd Frazier Joins!

In our second episode, 2x All-Star, Todd Frazier joins the Winner's Circle and talks about what it meant to him to have his brothers nearby for advice about the game, some of his favorite players growing up and in the game today, and what he'd tell younger kids who are starting to prepare for their upcoming baseball season.   … Read More

Winner’s Circle Episode #1: Working on timing at the plate

On this week's episode of the Winner's Circle, we showcase one of our favorite training modes; Quick Recognition. During this drill, hitters are challenged to make their swing decision during the optimal timing window for the best possible result. Beyond just the importance of making your swing decision at the right time, is the ability to quickly and accurately determine… Read More