Virtual Reality

We’re Back Again! Check out WIN’s New and Improved Updates

Austin, TX 一 Hey, WIN-ners! Back in July, we rolled out new features that were designed to bring your game to the next level. And we’re happy to announce that our work didn’t stop there. The WIN team has been working diligently since then to improve the areas that you, our users, call out. If you haven’t trained with WIN recently, we would love for you to step back in and see what’s new! Check out our coolest new features below:

1. New-and-Improved Bat Skins

It’s common knowledge that dressing and feeling the part is almost just as important as the part itself. That’s where new gear, or in this case, new bat skins can help you out. Not too long ago, we reached out to our users in an effort to discover exactly what type of visual aesthetics you all wanted to see. This was easily our most requested “want.” Because of the overwhelming response we received, we quickly released a new bat and “locked” all other bat skins as we began to fine-tune each design. Even better is the fact that with this update, players can now pick and choose from an entire library of bat skins. Envisioning yourself as a future Carolina Tar Heel? There’s a bright blue bat just for you. Or maybe you’re a Texas fan? Burnt orange is an option too! Check out the video below to see this new feature in action…


2. Profile Updates

One thing we heard loud and clear was how frustrating it was to continually go back to the advanced filters section to reset your pitcher preferences. Previously, these features could only be updated on the WIN Reality dashboard, which wasn’t always the easiest process. The good news is that users can now lock in these settings directly on the headset. Players can now choose their preferred sport, level, class and batting hand. Additionally, the default Workouts assigned to each player will change along with the altering of these features.



3. Major Visual Improvements

WIN Reality’s primary goal is to provide the most life-like training experience possible, and with that comes the increased need to visually improve our application. Our team was able to do just that with new updates that are specific to the field, sky, and overall environment. They are the first of many incoming improvements that were created to make training with WIN more dynamic, more interesting and more realistic. It’s a pretty big deal. See for yourself in the transformation pictures below!



Simulating a real game, WIN’s newest updates now allow the ball to bounce and roll around the field. Similarly, the bounces are based on the player’s hitting trajectories. On top of this, there’s no longer a ball-flight trail blocking the user view of the field. A light trail will still indicate which direction the ball is heading, but will later gradually fade away. This allows users to see the ball as it flies, bounces, and rolls down the field.



What’s Next?

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again. WIN Reality is just getting started. And with feedback from you, our amazing users, we plan to make these updates as personalized and user-specific as possible. Until next time WIN-ners… stay tuned for what’s next!