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WIN U #3: Preparing for the season

Welcome back to our WIN U series! In this week’s episode, long-time baseball executive Dan O’Dowd stops by to talk with Ryan Bennett about the best way to prepare for the 2021 season, regardless of whether you’re in little league, high school, college, or already at the professional level. The guys also talk about their keys to success, and what they looked for in hitters to help understand their skills at the plate.




0:00-1:22 – The importance of a good start

1:22-2:50 – How to compete early in pre-season

2:51-4:33- Practicing timing in the box before tweaking your swing

4:34-6:47 – What are scouts and coaches look for, and what good takes signal to evaluators

6:48-8:45 – Bringing game-speed pitching practice with you no matter where you are


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