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Winner's Circle

Winner’s Circle Episode #1: Working on timing at the plate

On this week’s episode of the Winner’s Circle, we showcase one of our favorite training modes; Quick Recognition. During this drill, hitters are challenged to make their swing decision during the optimal timing window for the best possible result. Beyond just the importance of making your swing decision at the right time, is the ability to quickly and accurately determine whether or not the pitch will be in the strike zone.




0:00-1:08 – The importance of rhythm and timing in the batter’s box

1:09-2:08 – Late swing decisions and how that impacts results

2:08-3:09 – How early swings on 0-0 and 0-1 counts can set up the rest of the at-bat

3:10-6:21 – Having a plan at the plate and swinging at good pitches


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