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Winner’s Circle Episode #2: Todd Frazier Joins!

February 3, 2021 by Matt Goldman

In our second episode, 2x All-Star, Todd Frazier joins the Winner’s Circle and talks about what it meant to him to have his brothers nearby for advice about the game, some of his favorite players growing up and in the game today, and what he’d tell younger kids who are starting to prepare for their upcoming baseball season.


0:00-2:26 – Getting to play with, and against, your brothers coming up

2:27-4:39 – The grind of the minor leagues and proving you belong

4:40-5:40 – How COVID changed preparing for the season

5:41-7:30 – Favorite players growing up and still playing today

7:31-8:47 – Frazier’s core hitting philosophy

8:48-10:10 – The importance of playing multiple sports

10:11-12:12 – Advice for younger players wanting to play professionally