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Winner’s Circle Episode #3: Kendall Rogers and the return of college baseball!

February 10, 2021 by Matt Goldman

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by one of the managing editor’s of, Kendall Rogers! We cover his picks to have a great 2021 campaign, which teams are best positioned given the talent they were able to keep with the lost 2020 season, and most importantly, we find out who Rogers thinks was the best Vanderbilt closer in their history.


0:00-4:31 – Players poised for a huge 2021 season

4:32-6:23 – Which teams are poised to take advantage of the lost 2020 season

6:24-8:18 – Runner on 2nd to begin extra innings

8:19-10:08 – Big matchups early in the season

10:09-11:04 – Greatest closer in Vanderbilt’s program