Winner’s Circle Episode #4: Yolanda McRae & the Arkansas Razorbacks

For this episode of the Winner’s Circle, we speak with assistant coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Yolanda McRae, about their approach to the 2021 season, and their march to get back to the College World Series, and ultimately to take home the national title.

0:00-1:32 – Getting back on the field
1:33-2:46 – Starting the year 5-2 and taking home a 14-inning win
2:47-3:51 – Taking down #18 ranked Baylor early in the year
3:52-5:15 – Mentally preparing for a unique season
5:16-7:24 – Looking ahead to SEC competition
7:25-9:31 – Preparing to win a national title

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