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How Paul Goldschmidt Re-wrote His Future

For the last couple of years, there’s been a narrative forming that Paul Goldschmidt’s a slow starter, and that at the beginning of the season, he’s not producing. At best, that’s a half truth. In 2018, after two months, Goldschmidt was hitting .209/.326/.393 with a wRC+ of 96. While that’s certainly not the line that we’ve come to expect from...

How Paul Goldschmidt brought virtual reality into his training regimen
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Pitch Tunneling: How hitters can train to overcome it

Over the last few years, you’ve likely heard the term “Pitch Tunneling” during a broadcast, or seen it mentioned online. The concept itself isn’t new, and is something that great pitchers like Greg Maddux instinctively understood before it had a name. Developments in high-speed cameras, virtual reality, big data, and 3D modeling, have made it possible to visualize pitch tunneling...

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Elite Baseball Training: How virtual reality transfers to the batter’s box

Since baseball began, undoubtedly its most difficult training challenge has been replicating in-game pitching conditions for hitters to practice against. Pitching is a scarce resource that is too valuable to waste on batting practice. Consequently, as players we practice against coaches throwing 50% of game speed, take “simulated” at-bats against teammates in scrimmages, and try to stay fresh at local...

Win Reality Baseball Training
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