WIN Reality Elite

The complete VR training package for coaches and academies to elevate their player development programs. Book a 1-on-1 virtual demo today.

With WIN Reality Elite, coaches and academies will get all the tools you need to implement VR training as your primary pitch recognition program.

  • Integrate game-speed training stations so players are seeing pitches with real-time feedback.
  • Base membership includes up to 5 connected devices under one WIN Reality subscription.
  • Coaches and academies will have access to a dedicated performance analyst.
  • Leaderboards, weekly reports, and everything you need to monitor player progress and make practicing the strike zone fun!

Membership Features

  • Training assignments and performance insights.

  • Release point training, quick recognition, pitch recognition, occlusion.

  • Multiple pitchers packages available

  • Coaches dashboard to monitor player progress

  • Nitro zones and speed training, and unlimited user add-ons.

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"WIN Reality is one of these ways where we can get back to what we love as coaches, and give hitters something that allows them to identify pitches they should swing at, and honing their senses with their timing mechanisms, and then really take it to the next level of understanding. And for young hitters, that’s so important. To be able to practice pitch recognition, timing, and get back to the core principles of hitting, that’s something that WIN Reality directly helps with." - Jered Goodwin, National Scouting Director at Perfect Game USA

Questions that WIN Reality answers

Release Point

Are hitters picking up the pitch immediately out of the hand?


Are hitters seeing the earliest ball flight cues that will help them predict where and when the ball crosses the plate?


Are hitters making decisions within the optimal window of time?

Barrel accuracy

Do hitters know where their barrel needs to be when the ball crosses the plate for meaningful contact?

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