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New Challenges - Coming Soon!!

Challenges will continue until a hitter is able to achieve the ultimate goal! This will range from 0.0 inches in Pitch Recognition to 10 consecutive pitches scoring 100% efficiency in Quick Recognition!

Daily Leaderboards

See if you rank in the top 10 of the leaderboards. Every week we'll update this page so you can see what scores are needed to work your way up to the top. It is never too late to take the top spot!


We expect these challenges to be difficult, so the prizes will reflect this! Stay tuned for what we plan to award the winners, but they will definitely be worth the training investment!


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How to compete
These competitions are set up to mirror our training and overall practice modes, so even new users to WIN Reality can jump in and compete with the best right away. We hope to see you on the leaderboards soon!
  • Access the player development section of the WIN Series application and click ‘training’. Locate a weekly progression you’d like to compete in and start training!
  • Choose ‘WINners’ version if you are 8-14 years old, or ‘Champions’ if you are 15+. Check the competition details to see how to win and check the leaderboards to see how you rank!
  • You can focus on the area you enjoy most, but we suggest trying to compete in each of our challenges. This way you take advantage of all our training modes!

Competition #2 – In and Out with Mike Yastrzemski

In and Out tested your ability to identify, locate, and make accurate and efficient decisions on the inner and outer portions of the zone. Hitters were challenged with a mix of fastballs, breaking balls, and changeups.


  • Mike Yastrzemski competed against WIN Reality users this month with a years supply of New Balance footwear on the line!
  • 10s of thousands of pitches were seen and top level talent competed to dethrone a Big Leaguer! Congrats to Nickremo3 for taking home the W!
  • Stay tuned for the release of weekly challenges!

Competition #1 – Curveball Craze

Our first competition focused on testing hitters’ understanding of the curveball, and their ability to identify, locate, and make a decision when seeing a mix of curveballs and fastballs.


  • Hundreds of players competed in our first competition that had a custom Rawlings glove on the line!
  • With thousands of pitches seen and players ranging from as young as 13, to as advanced as D1 programs, Marco was crowned our first winner!
  • Don’t miss out on your chance to join and compete with the best!