Train at Game Speed

Stay ahead of the game

Introducing the world’s most advanced baseball training tool. Build your hitting approach, improve pitch recognition, and sharpen swing decision skills all before stepping on the field.

WIN Reality Can Help Your Game

Recognize pitches sooner

Practice in high pressure game situations with real time feedback

Attain consistent rhythm and timing

On demand training for year round skill development

Optimize your offensive approach against all different types of pitchers

Manage your physical wear and tear

Player Evaluation and Development

Assessments and Individualized Training Prescriptions

A series of scientifically backed tasks that quantify hitter’s information processing skills

Real Time Performance Feedback

Match your virtual reality training program with your game performance trends.

Coaching Tools

Customizable training sessions for one-on-one player development

Why the pros are using WIN Reality

Stay 2-3 years ahead of your competition by accelerating the player development cycle.

Players with exceptional physical talent can now be transformed into complete hitters.

Expose opportunities for improvement well before the game and season is on the line. Practice the big moment to be prepared for when it comes.

How We Measure Success

High Variablility Training

Customize your experience by selecting from:

different levels of pitchers, right handed or left handed pitchers, 4 different arm slots, pitch velocities of 60mph to 100mph, different pitch types, and any location in the strike zone.

Training Exercises

Building the foundation for elite batters through 5 primary training exercises:

1. Early Recognition Training
2. Timing Training
3. Zone Accuracy Training
4. Release Point Training
5. Swing Decision Training

Player Plans

That’s why our WIN Series training programs are specific to each individual. After a baseline assessement you will have the option to:

1. Follow the WIN Series training progression
2. Design your own training program
3. Allow your coach to design your program and monitor your progress.

Training Modifiers

All the tools you need to tailor each training session to a specific goal. Modifiers include:

1. Coach Mode
2. Nitro Zones
3. Speed Training
4. Pitch Data Viewer

Performance Insights

Track usage, monitor progress, review trends, compare metrics, and climb the rankings.

Your progress is our priority. A designated performance analyst will be at your service to ensure you are at the top of your game.

Game Preparation

Transform your scouting reports into an experience.

By pulling data from your performance on the field, we are able to tailor your training even further. Training modules include:

1. Opposing Pitcher Integration
2. Previous at bats
3. Simulated at bats

What Improvement Looks Like

Find the right package for you

Win Reality’s main goal is our customers’ success. That’s why we offer multiple package options for our program, allowing you to choose the best option for your own goals.

Software Features Starter Premium Elite
Best for Players Players, Instructors, Teams Instructors, Teams, Academies
Users 1 12 Unlimited
Coach Licenses 2 Unlimited
Pitchers Package | 100 per level 1 Level 1 level 3 Levels
Stadium 1 1 All Stadiums
Player Development Plans 1 12 Unlimited
Player Development Training Programs
  • Early Recognition Training
  • Timing Training
  • Zone Accuracy Training
  • Release Point Training
  • Swing Decision Training
Speed Training
Performance Insights Dashboard
Coach Mode
Nitro Zones
Designated Performance Analyst





Available Add On's Starter Premium Elite
Game Preparation Modules
Custom Stadiums
Game Data Integration
API Access
Compatible Hardware Starter Premium Elite
Oculus Quest