WIN Reality: Week 1

Navigating the WIN Series

We will provide you with some basic navigation tips! The best way to get familiar with our application is just to dive in and start exploring each different choice.

Intro to WIN Training

Access one of our premade playlists on the Training side of our application. These are broken into skill levels, so find the one that corresponds with you (Youth, High School, College/Professional).

Baseline 2.0

The Baseline 2.0 will help our Performance team direct your training. You will be tested on the WIN training modes and provided with a report that will lay out the next 12 weeks of training for you!

Tips to Navigate the WIN Series


  • Point the controller at the menu and use the trigger on the back of the controller to select
  • Training side is to access all premade training assignments, Baseline 2.0, and Reassessment
  • Practice is our free play side where you get to design your training for the day
  • To choose a pitcher, choose a release point first, these are broken into categories (Y, H, C and P)
  • Use both tabs at the top of the pitcher library to toggle between
  • Select the pitches you would like to see
  • Select the zones you would like the pitches thrown in

Week 1 – Intro to WIN 


  • We took care of your first week, find: Week 1 – Intro to WIN (Youth, High School, or College/Professional) in the Training section of our application!
  • This progression will take you through the majority of our training modes, so you can see what you like best, what you find the most value in, and what is the most challenging!
  • Day 1: Pitch Recognition – try to accurately select where the pitch crosses the zone and the pitch type!
  • Day 2: Occlusion – try to predict the pitch while seeing a limited amount of ball flight!
  • Day 3: Quick Recognition Fastball – pull the trigger only for fastballs!
  • Day 4: Quick Recognition Offspeed – pull the trigger only for offspeed!
  • Day 5: Quick Recognition Leverage – pull the trigger only for fastballs in the strike zone!
  • Day 6: Quick Recognition 2 Strike – pull the trigger for any pitch if it is a strike!

Your Custom Training Progression


  • Find the Baseline 2.0 that aligns with your skill level (Y, H, C or P)
  • Complete the entirety of this progression – you will see 100% in VR when completed
  • Our Data Science team will then take your results and put together a report for you
  • This report will provide you with scores in each category, a breakdown of right vs left, and some graphics to illustrate your selections
  • Most importantly, you will receive 4 recommendations for training, that will look like this:  Pitch Recognition – High School LHP
  • Each of these recommendations have 3 variations, labeled with (1, 2, or 3)
  • One of these should be completed each week for 12 weeks, then we will reassess to see your progress!

Enjoy a 2-week trial!

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