Win $500 to Dick’s Sporting Goods

The WIN Experience

    • 8 unique practice modes

      Each training module focuses on a vital building block of outstanding plate performance, with real-time feedback, performance metrics, and player dashboard to track improvement and rank against other players online.

      Works with Oculus

      The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset provides a completely immersive and startlingly real ballpark experience. You’ll see every pitch and feel all the excitement. You can almost smell the peanuts.

    • Clutch Moments

      Dive into our Situational Hitting mode and rise up from Rookie to Hall of Fame! Hit pitches to the highlighted area of the field.

      WIN Bat Attachment

      Connects your Oculus controller to any bat, making you ready for our Situational Hitting and Batting Practice modes.

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This giveaway is open until 8/30 and the winner will be announced on 9/1!