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Diamond Kinetics

With a Diamond Kinetics sensor, we take the data from your swing to determine valuable metrics like potential exit velocity, as well as potential hit distance so you can understand what would have happened in the real world.

Build your Swing Profile

With every rep, WIN Reality better understands your swing. As we build up your unique swing profile, your VR swings will become as accurate as possible so that there's no difference between the real world and the virtual one.

Start swinging!

Once we've collected your Diamond Kinetics data, and built out your swing profile, you're ready to start attacking pitchers in virtual reality. See how you fare against our library of over 1000 pitchers.


  • With WIN Reality’s Hitting Beta program, players can now practice against game-speed velocity without leaving their home.
  • Select from thousands of available pitchers, ranging from youth speeds (50-65mph), all the way to pro (100mph).
  • Challenge yourself against every arm angle imaginable, with every pitch type you’ll face in a game situation.
  • Receive immediate feedback on your barrel speed, hand speed, potential exit velocity, and potential hit distance.

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