Virtual Reality Hitting

Beta Program


Game-speed practice at-bats from anywhere

What you need for the hitting features

WIN Reality bat attachment.

Connect your Oculus controller to any bat.

Diamond Kinetics bat sensor.

Required for hitting functionality. All DK sensors are compatible with WIN Reality.

Included Hitting Features

Swing Metrics

WIN athletes will receive valuable metrics on their barrel speed, hand speed, potential exit velocity, and potential hit distance.

Real-Time Feedback

Immediately understand what went well and what needs improvment.

Understand Timing

Work on your timing at the plate, and how your swing changes based on different pitches.

Unlimited Practice

Choose from our library of hundreds of pitchers so you're ready to hit against any kind of competition.

WIN Reality Beta program

Join the Beta program and be part of the future of baseball and softball training.


Hitting Feature Updates

The Development of Virtual Reality Hitting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by Beta Program?

    We want to put VR hitting in our customers’ hands as quickly as possible. To make that happen the initial release will come with a number of challenges. There could be bugs, missing information, and the need to follow instructions closely. We will welcome customer feedback & proactively reach out to better understand the biggest pain points. By opting in to the Beta program please come prepared to be patient and work with us to make the most advanced hitting tool in the world.

  • Do I need a specific Diamond Kinetics sensor?

    No! All Diamond Kinetics sensors will work with WIN Reality.

  • Will I need a Diamond Kinetics Premium Subscription?

    Your Diamond Kinetics Premium Hitter Subscription is included at no additional cost in your WIN Reality subscription for the duration of the Beta program! Once that has ended you will need to subscribe to continue using the Hitting add-on of WIN Reality. You will be able to take advantage of Diamond Kinetics’:

      • 11 swing metrics
      • Swing fingerprint
      • USA Baseball drills
      • & so much more. Click here to learn more about what is included.
  • Do you offer any discounts on the Diamond Kinetics sensor?

    Yes! You will receive a coupon code in your WIN Reality purchase confirmation email.

  • Can I use other hitting sensors?

    Not currently. During our testing process, Diamond Kinetics was the clear winner in terms of accuracy which is why we’ve partnered together to create this tool.

  • How can I see it before I buy?

    Head over to WIN University and check out our video library that walks you through best practices and different training modes.

  • Can I swing indoors?

    Yes, although we strongly recommend using a safe place like a garage or empty area that can be designated as a “batting cage”. When using the Oculus Quest, you’ll be immersed in our application and unaware of objects in your vicinity. It’s incredibly important to be safe when swinging a baseball or softball bat. Make sure anyone in your household knows that you’ll be taking live at-bats and what your defined game play area is.

  • What other equipment do I need?

    As long as you have the Oculus Quest (1 or 2), and a Diamond Kinetics sensor (which requires an iOS device), you’re all set.

  • What sports are eligible for the Beta program?

    Both baseball and softball!

  • What type of bat is compatible with the hitting features?

    You can use any type of bat! Please note that by electing to use a real bat it is imperative that you follow the recommended safety protocols. 

  • How do I order the WIN Bat attachment if I'm already a customer?

    Head over to the WIN Reality dashboard, sign-in, and go to the ‘Order Equipment’ page to purchase your Bat attachment.

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