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    Get your WIN Reality membership for under $17/mo and unlock access to player analytics, real-time feedback on training sessions, and assigned practice programs.



    What’s Included

    WIN Reality is committed to giving you an unparalleled training experience. With a monthly membership, you’ll receive detailed analysis about your performance every week so you can be focused on what matters most.

    Training Assignments

    Take the guesswork out of deciding what to do and when. With WIN Reality’s performance team, and performance science division, we’ll be sending you specific training assignments to help you progress through our app and graduate to the next level.

    Performance Insights

    The WIN dashboard gives you detailed insight into exactly how you’re performing in our virtual environment. Each week our team of data scientists will email you specific reports unique to how you did in the training assignments and practice modes.

    Training Modes

    With your membership, you’ll receive seven practice modes designed to improve your ability to better understand each phase of the at-bat. With speeds ranging from 55mph to 100mph, there’s no better way to improve pitch recognition quickly.

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    • Training Assignments
    • 1 Connected Device
    • 4 Pitcher Packages – Youth, High School, Collegiate & Professional
    • 3 Included Player Profiles
    • 8 Unique Training Modes
    • Performance Insights

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    • Dedicated Performance Analyst
    • 1-5 Connected Devices
    • 4 Pitcher Packages – Youth, High School, Collegiate & Professional
    • Training Assignments
    • 8 Unique Training Modes
    • 12 Included Player Profiles

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