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Monthly Competitions

Each month, WIN Reality announces new competitions for our baseball and softball users. Complete the weekly training assignments and compete for bragging rights and prizes.

Daily Leaderboards

See if you rank in the top 10 of the leaderboards. Every week we'll update this page so you can see what scores are needed to work your way up to the top.


At the end of each competition, the winners will receive prizes like signed jerseys, custom gloves, cleats, and more. Make sure to complete 100% of the training assignments to qualify!

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How to compete

These competitions are set up to mirror our training and overall practice modes, so even new users to WIN Reality can jump in and compete with the best right away. We hope to see you on the leaderboards soon!

  • Access the player development section of the WIN Series application and click ‘training’. Locate the name of the current monthly competition, currently we’re running the ‘In and Out’ challenge.
  • Choose ‘WINners’ version if you are 8-14 years old, or ‘Champions’ if you are 15+. Complete the entire competition to qualify (20 total sessions). When you see ‘100% complete’ next to the competition name, you’re all set.
  • We recommend completing 5 sessions each week to get the highest returns on your training, however it’s completely up to you. The top overall WIN Score takes home the prize!

Current Competition – In and Out with Mike Yastrzemski

In and Out will test your ability to identify, locate, and make accurate and efficient decisions on the inner and outer portions of the zone. You will see a mix of fastballs, breaking balls, and changeups. Get in there and start competing! Complete 100% of the training assignments by the end of the month to qualify for the prize, a year supply of New Balance footwear.


  • Mike Yastrzemski will be competing against WIN Reality users this month. See if you have what it takes to beat one of the best in baseball.
  • There are 20 total training programs to complete, make sure you’re getting your daily work in to stay in the competition!
  • This month we’ve partnered with New Balance for a great giveaway. The winner will receive five pairs of shoes of their choosing.

Competition #1 – Curveball Craze

Our first competition focused on testing hitters’ understanding of the curveball, and their ability to identify, locate, and make a decision when seeing a mix of curveballs and fastballs.


  • Hundreds of players competed in our first competition that had a custom Rawlings glove on the line!
  • With thousands of pitches seen and players ranging from as young as 13, to as advanced as D1 programs, Marco was crowned our first winner!
  • Don’t miss out on your chance to join and compete with the best!


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