“Beaty is among a growing contingent of Dodgers embracing virtual reality batting practice, a cutting-edge device that uses a VR headset to create immersive visual experiences and simulate at-bats against opposing pitchers.”


Virtual reality batting practice head-set is Dodgers’s real life preparation tool

“You can fight technology. You won’t win,” Rose says. “It’s evolve or move on. It’s like a tidal wave coming through. There is no bad data. There’s just bad interpretation of data, and there’s the unwillingness to learn new data.”


Bats to the Future: ‘You Can Fight Technology. You Won’t Win. It’s Like a Tidal Wave Coming Through’

“Some people like it, some people don’t,” Seager said. “Some people do it here or there. I liked it before, so I just kept doing it because I could. … I think it helps.”




Virtual reality goggles help Dodgers’ Corey Seager see through injury rehab

But Vanderbilt is among the programs at the forefront of the technological revolution that has trickled down to the college level from Major League Baseball. It is one of at least four college programs with a pitching lab, stocked with the same technology the big leaguers use.


If You Don’t Have It, You’re Behind’: College Baseball’s Tech Arms Race

“The Mets’ VR dabbling began on the minor-league side during spring training. By late April, they invested in equipment for the major-league team: an approximately 12-foot-by-12-foot-by-10-foot “WIN Lab”.”



How the Mets are using virtual reality technology to preapre for opposing pitchers

“It was not a batting cage. It was a spare equipment area. And there were no baseballs or pitchers to be found. But once a strength and conditioning coach helped him don a virtual-reality headset in that windowless room, baseball’s hottest hitter practiced his hitting.”


Virtual-reality system allows Dosgers to eyeball opposing pitchers from afar