WIN Reality’s founding team, Dan O’Dowd & Chris O’Dowd, bring together the perfect union of front office and on field experience. 

The proliferated use of data in sports has been the catalyst to a shift in how decisions are made. However, we are only scratching the surface of the true value that data can provide. Imagine a world where we can fundamentally explain the ‘why’ behind results. The ethos of WIN Reality is to take the subjectivity out of sports and bring data to life. 

Chris O'Dowd

Cofounder, CEO

Dan spent decades implementing evidence-based decision-making models for procuring talent, developing athletes to their full potential, and predicting future performance.

All the while Chris spent years applying data to improve on-field performance.

Dan and Chris created WIN Reality to build solutions to the collective problems and inefficiencies affecting athletes, coaches, and executives.