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Originally designed by pros for pros, coaches at every level of the game are now turning to WIN Reality to help their teams deliver at the plate.


$1,500/Year – INCLUDES:

  • Unlimited Player Profiles
  • Up to 5 Quest Device Licenses
  • Coaches Analytics Dashboard
  • Custom Training Plans
  • Personal Account Manager

+ FREE Meta Quest 2 Headset & Bat Attachment ($425 value)

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TRUSTED BY PROS. Brought to all.

2022 NL MVP Paul Goldschmidt

In his quest to find a new edge headed into Spring Training in 2020, Goldschmidt discovered WIN Reality.

Since making WIN Reality a part of his routine, the 2022 NL MVP winner has averaged 33 HRs and 107 RBIs over his last two full seasons.

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Why coaches & Teams Love
WIN Reality

Hit Better, Faster
Players using WIN acquire skills 7x faster than those using only traditional training methods.
Be More Clutch
97% of WIN users surveyed said they felt more prepared for high pressure game situations.
Win More
Teams that train with WIN Reality average a 23% increase in their winning percentage.

a hitting revolution

WIN combines coaching from the best trainers in the world with the power of analytics and game design.

Prepare For Opponents

WIN allows pro organizations to see their exact opponents in virtual reality, and with an extensive pitcher library, our team can find one that matches to your next one.

Anytime, Anywhere

Use WIN as part of practice, before games, or in between lessons. You can assign workouts to target specific areas of improvement and track progress for all players.

Work With WIN

WIN is constantly improving our product offering. We work directly with coaches, teams, and organizations to meet their needs with advanced features and dedicated support.


Bill Cilento
Wake Forest Coach
“WIN Reality is the most life-like. From a comfort perspective, the more they see it, the more comfortable they’re gonna be everytime they step into the batter’s box.”
Chili Davis
Major League Hitting Coach
“You’re programming your mind ahead of time to what that guy might do to you… There’s a lot of benefit to it.”
Colby Rogers
Colony High School Coach
“We’ve been using WIN to prep for district games since we know who we’re facing. I text our contact at WR asking for comparisons within the app. So they’re seeing the starter and getting live ABs before the game which is huge for confidence.”
Jennifer Patrick-Swift
NC State Head Coach
“This is a part of training we have always dreamed about providing for our team and WIN Reality has made it happen! This is going to be a staple in the daily development of our hitters here at NC State.”
Paul Goldschmidt
MLB MVP & All-Star
“You need to find a way to practice the strike zone… Before WIN Reality, you had to do it in a cage.”
Julia Luciano
Hillsboro ISD Baseball Coach
“WIN Reality was critical to our game day preparation this high school baseball season. We faced a few pitchers this year with arm velos we could not match at practice. WIN Reality gave our guys a chance to acclimate to faster pitching and allowed them to feel prepared heading into game day.”
John Lampros
Two Five Baseball
“WIN Reality came through. Our hitters can now work on attacking certain parts of the zone, helping them get prepared to develop an in-game approach.”
Dan Simonds
Director of Baseball, IMG Academy
“It’s a huge part of what we do. It’s so important for kids to get game-like experiences, and WIN provides it for them.”
Paul Mainieri
LSU Head Coach
“I put the goggles on and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I stood in the batter’s box and watched them pitch to me.”
Mike Baxter
Vanderbilt Hitting Coach
“It feels very realistic. It recreates the hardest part of the game to recreate: pitching. Where it is today is an excellent product.”
Mike Yastrzemski
MLB Outfielder
“It’s helped incredibly… The WIN VR system has legitimately helped me understand when I need to start my swing, when I need to start my load, and it’s been a huge tool for me.”
Nadia Taylor
Professional Softball Player
“This is like a cheat code. Everyone should be using WIN Reality.”
Scott Smith
Texas Bombers Head Coach
“WIN Reality bringing this product to the sport of softball is game changing. Giving our hitters the chance to virtually see live pitching has been an incredible addition to our player development process.”


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How are coaches and organizations using WIN Reality to improve?

Teams and organizations at all levels are using WIN Reality to win more by employing it in a number of ways. Popular use cases include:

  • pre-game visualization with pitchers who match (or even are) their upcoming opponent
  • as a station during hitting drills
  • for players’ home/personal use
  • to stay sharp in the offseason
  • to increase reps at any time
  • to continue training when limited by weather
  • to continue training when limited by injury
Can I customize training programs for individual athletes with WIN Reality?

WIN Reality allows you to provide training plans tailored to each of your players based on their strengths and weaknesses and what you’re coaching them on.

Can I track my players' usage, progress and improvement over time?

Coaches have full visibility to each player’s progress and performance reports so you can ensure they’re doing the work and know what areas you can help them continue to improve.

How many users can I add to my organization's WIN Reality account?

WIN Reality supports standard teams of 10-15 players all the way up to MLB organizations and 1,000+ player programs with multiple teams included.

Can WIN Reality be customized for my team or organization's specific needs?

We work with organizations of all sizes to meet their players needs. The best way to determine how WIN Reality can help your team improve is to get in touch with our calendar or contact form above!