NEW: Control pitches in VR with Live Pitch!

WIN U #6: Hitting Beta Phase 2 is Here!

This week we’re back with WIN U to talk about an exciting upgrade to WIN Reality, and that’s Phase 2 of our Hitting Beta! We’ve made a number of improvements to the overall experience, and launched some new features that help immerse you even further into the Beta program. We can’t wait for you to jump in and see the changes our team has been hard at work on, and hope you enjoy!


0:00-2:32 – Setting up your training session and navigating to the Hitting Beta

2:33-5:50 – Making sure you have a safe environment, the new calibration process, and creating your hitting avatar

5:51-7:47 – Tee work and getting rid of the 3/4 length swing

7:48-8:25 – The fundamentals of the Hitting Beta

8:26-11:05 – Live swings, new metrics, and new on-field displays

11:06-12:24 – Headset view!