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At-bat: WIN Reality’s top priorities

  • Hit trajectories. While we’ve always provided valuable metrics like potential exit velocity and potential hit distance, to date, players haven’t been able to see exactly where their hit would have landed. In our next release that will change! Batted balls will now reveal a precise trajectory, giving you detailed insight into exactly what would have happened in the real-world.
  • Diamond Kinetics reliability. Our team is creating a diagnostic test to identify new ways to more smoothly transfer swing data from the sensor, between the mobile app and the Quest headset.
  • Improved swing detection. We’re altering how we detect bat swings to ensure that we receive the information no matter where you stand, or what your bat path looks like.
  • The adjustable strike zone. Create your own zone in the Hitting Beta! During calibration, we’ll ask users to raise, lower, or stretch the zone to make it unique to each player. This can be saved in your profile so that this can be done just once!
  • Virtual swing path. After each swing in the Hitting Beta, players will be able to see their swing path displayed, rather than just as part of the calibration process.
  • Tailored training and progressions. We’ll be releasing an update to the new 12-week training progression to make it as easy as click-to-train. When you log into the headset and navigate to the training section of our application, you’ll only see the progression assignments that are specific to you.
  • Real-time stat updates and advanced reports. Improved method of displaying statistics from the VR headset in a more immediate view. Performance reports will also include Hitting Metrics.
  • We’re hard at work creating a WIN Reality mobile app to access your Dashboard account from anywhere with ease! You’ll be able to manage your account and profile, check player stats and leaderboards, as well as build training assignments and join competitions.

On Deck

  • Reality Hitting Mode: Traditional BP and live scenarios
  • Training Assignment Organization
  • Windup & Stretch Pitcher Variety
  • In-app Tool Tips
  • Simplified Hitting Calibration

In the Hole

  • Youth Field
  • Swing Decision Mode (without a bat)
  • Simulated Post-Contact Ball Flight Path
  • Adjustable Strike Zone – for all training modes
  • Ability To Disable Tutorials

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