WIN Player Development Progression

Baseline 2.0 and Reassessment 2.0

We have designed the Baseline 2.0 to provide our team with the information needed to direct your training with WIN accurately! You will be run through the majority of our training modes! You will take the Reassessment 2.0 after you have completed your first 12 week progression.

Baseline Report and Reassessment Report

Once you complete the Baseline 2.0 our team will put together a report for you. This report will provide feedback on your performance in each training mode. After your first 12 week progression, you will take the reassessment and be given a new report and recommendations for training!

Recommended Training

The WIN Performance Team will provide you with 4 recommendations for your training! These 4 recommendations will have 3 variations, creating an initial 12 week progression. You will find the suggested training in our training progression library!


By speaking with our existing clients, we have learned how much they enjoy accessing our performance team for insights and recommendations. We have built out the WIN program to solve this exact request! This program is outlined below with videos and bullet point explanations. Basically, our Performance Analytics, Performance Science, and Data Science teams have put our heads together to come up with a program that not only provides extreme value and transfer to in-game performance, but also takes away the ambiguity from our users. You are now able to let us drive your training, so that you only need to worry about crushing baseballs in games!

Baseline 2.0

The Baseline 2.0 is designed to give you an understanding of your performance in the WIN Series application. Once you have completed this, you will receive a report from our Data Science team. This report will provide you with scores for each of the training modes, a breakdown of your performance versus left and right handed pitchers, and 4 recommendations for training! Check out this video for a full breakdown of the Baseline Report!

Recommendations for Training

We know that new technology can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many options to choose from. To make this easy on you, we have added recommended training. These recommendations for training directly correspond with training progressions in our library that can be accessed by logging into the WIN Series and clicking ‘Training’. We recommend completing one of these progressions per week for the next 12 weeks!

Reassessment 2.0

Congratulations on making it through the 12 week training progression! The Reassessment 2.0 is our way of testing how much you have improved. Once completed, you will be presented with a Reassessment report. This report is a little different than the Baseline because it will actually tell you whether or not we are suggesting to bump you up a level! If not, don’t worry! Improvement takes time, you will be assigned a few more recommendations for training then reassess after 4 weeks!

Enjoy a 2-week trial!

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