WIN Player Development Progression

Baseline 2.0 and Reassessment 2.0

We have designed the Baseline 2.0 to provide our team with the information needed to direct your training with WIN accurately! You will be run through the majority of our training modes! You will take the Reassessment 2.0 after you have completed your first 12 week progression.

Baseline Report and Reassessment Report

Once you complete the Baseline 2.0 our team will put together a report for you. This report will provide feedback on your performance in each training mode. After your first 12 week progression, you will take the reassessment and be given a new report and recommendations for training!

Recommended Training

The WIN Performance Team will provide you with 4 recommendations for your training! These 4 recommendations will have 3 variations, creating an initial 12 week progression. You will find the suggested training in our training progression library!