WHAT IS the grb rays player development program?
Powered by WIN Reality, the GRB Rays Player Development Program offers a cutting-edge baseball and softball training platform for hitters to improve mechanics, pitch recognition, timing, and overall sharpen their skills in all aspects of hitting.
WIN Reality helped players acquire skills faster than traditional methods alone
Hitters who used WIN Reality for 15 minutes per day improved their plate discipline
Teams that train with WIN Reality increased their winning percentage
Former MLB MVP Player Stats
what do i need?
Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3
Meta Quest 2 ($199) - recommended
Meta Quest 3 ($500)
Can be financed by purchasing on
Free WIN Bat Attachment
WIN Membership
$39/mo or $355/yr 
If you already have a WIN account, email [email protected] to be transferred over to your Organization
WHAT’s included?
From 8U to high school to college to pro, every player will improve their timing, vision, and power using our hitting drills, game simulations, and swing training. As age and skills advance, the GRB Rays Player Development Program advances too. Train against 600+ pitchers from all ages, velocities, pitch types, and arm slots.
exclusive travel ball features
swingai trainer biomechanics analysis
Take video with your mobile phone of swings from in-game at-bats, batting practice, tee work, or even swings in VR and submit them for biomechanical analysis through the WIN mobile companion app. After analyzation, players receive a video breakdown from GRB's assigned WIN Hitting Coordinator of your players’ swing and recommended drills to improve their efficiency and unlock hidden power.
Unlimited reports
1X per month WIN Hitting Coordinator review
GRB Players take the WIN Hitter Assessment every six weeks to measure their hitting skills and improvements. Upon completion of the assessment, each player receives a personalized training plan based on their strengths and areas for improvement. The assessments are designed to measure and improve swing decision, reaction time, on-time rate by pitch types and location, early vs. late swings, hard hit rate, chase rate, plate discipline, and power metrics such as bat speed.
1 Assessment every 6 weeks
20 personalized training workouts every 6 weeks
Once a player has completed the WIN Hitter Assessment and SwingAI Trainer testing, each player will receive a training plan designed and tested to drive player improvement. Complete your weekly training assignments full of custom built workouts, live VR team practices, and real-life hitting drills.
live GRB Rays vr team practices
Connect, train, and compete with teammates each week in VR. Using a curriculum customized by your organization, GRB's assigned WIN hitting coach along with your organization’s coaching staff will host competitive training drills that build knowledge and camaraderie. Live leaderboards track player performance and encourage competition.
Up to 5 live VR practices per month with a WIN Hitting Coordinator and GRB Teammates!
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Each player will receive a free bat attachment upon account creation.