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Enroll your player in the program that will develop the hitting skills they need for a competitive edge now and as they advance.

About our program & WIN Reality

Boost their confidence.
Elevate their performance.

Get your hitter training at game-speed using WIN Reality inside the Meta Quest VR headset

Gain confidence with unlimited pitches, sharpen focus with live competitions, and become clutch with simulated game scenarios. The life-like environment and visual/audio feedback ensure the training your athlete does in VR pays off on game day.

Develop Hitting Skills

Eight drill modes in VR train the skills every great hitter needs—pitch recognition and swing timing. The drills measure stats like contact rate, bat speed, reaction time, swing timing, swing decision, and hard hit rate to evaluate performance and progress.

travel ball exclusive:

  • Access to a WIN Hitting Assessment every 6 weeks
  • 20 personalized training workouts every 6 weeks

Improve Swing Mechanics

Great hitting starts with proper body movement. Using mobile video, WIN’s SwingAI Trainer video analyzation tool evaluates 12 key movements in your hitter’s swing to find hidden power and improve swing efficiency.

travel ball exclusive:

  • Unlimited SwingAI Trainer reports

Travel Ball Exclusive:

practice in vr with the team

Using a curriculum customized by your organization, your coaching staff will host competitive training drills that build knowledge and camaraderie. Live leaderboards track player performance, encourage competition, and allow coaches to track engagement and performance.

Up to 5 live, VR practices per month with your HPBA teammates.

For Parents


WIN Reality’s companion mobile app allows parents to follow their hitter’s progress and join in the fun.

  • Throw your athlete batting practice in VR
  • Monitor their sessions and engagement
  • Review their stats and track improvement

what do YOU need to get YOUR player started?

Meta Quest Headset

Quest 2: $199 (Recommended)
Quest 3: $500

Financing is available when purchasing through amazon.com.

WIN Reality Membership

Billed Monthly
$60 $39/month (35% off)
Billed Yearly
$50 $29/month (40% off)

If you already have a WIN Reality account, email [email protected] to be transferred over to your Organization.

FREE WIN Bat Attachment

Secures the Meta controller to your athlete’s game-used bat for an authentic on-field feel.

For smaller spaces and enhanced safety, WIN Reality also offers a “short bat” accessory. Travel ball members receive a 30% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WIN Reality a video game?

No. While the VR experience is fun and engaging, the WIN Player Development Program is built on proven baseball philosophies. All the drills, training exercises, and improvement content are built from decades of proven practices by people who know the game and what it takes to succeed. Founder, Dan O’Dowd, spent 15 years as the GM for the Colorado Rockies and 35 years as a front office executive for major league organizations. Fellow founder, Chris O-Dowd, played professionally for the Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, and San Diego Padres.
With a single headset and under one account, you can set up multiple profiles that track player stats individually. However, if you are signing up for WIN Reality through your travel ball organization and have more than one child in the organization, each player will need a separate, unique account to experience the additional benefits and features our Travel Ball plans include.
WIN Reality is used and recommended by coaches, teams, and academies at all levels. Many coaches we work with report that players who use WIN Reality progress faster and increase their batting average faster than those who do not.
WIN Reality provides the best results when used consistently. Using WIN for just 15 minutes over the course of the year will help players develop skills like plate discipline 7x faster than those who don’t.
The platform offers a wide range of velocity and workout skill levels tailored to each age. With age-appropriate stadiums, mound distances, and a 600+ pitcher library to choose from, WIN Reality drives results for players just getting started to MVP winners at the major league level.
Yes. WIN memberships include unlimited use of both baseball and softball, so you can train when you want, as often as you want, from wherever you want.
Yes. With a WIN Reality Membership, players can tailor their sessions to focus on whatever part of their game they want. Target skills like improved timing against higher velocity, or follow our recommended workouts based on your skill level. You’ll get instant feedback and be able to track your progress over time.
Yes. All WIN Reality memberships include unlimited use of both baseball and softball training.

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