• WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 
  • WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 
  • WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 
  • WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 
  • WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 

WIN Reality: 2022’s best gift for baseball and softball players

Can you smell it in the air? The pumpkin spiced lattes have started to make their way back into our lives, which can only mean that the days and nights filled with peppermint canes, hot chocolate, and bright lights are almost here. No matter what you may celebrate, Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa, or even just the exciting deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the season of the gift has arrived.

And with it comes an important question. Have you started thinking about the perfect gift for those special people in your life? While it’s easy enough to put $100 on a gift card and call it a day, now more than ever, it’s important to go the extra mile and find something that truly connects with the person you’re buying for. While that can be a tricky proposition for anyone, it can be particularly difficult if you’re shopping for a baseball or softball player.

A simple google search of “best gift for baseball and softball players”, “baseball gifts”, “softball gifts” and hundreds of other iterations will send you down the rabbit hole with nearly half a billion results. Half a billion results that nobody has the time to read. Thankfully, and to make life easier, WIN Reality is here to help in your search for the perfect gift for the baseball or softball player in your life; and for a number of reasons, our membership is by far the best gift you’ll find.


There’s no getting around the elephant in the room. So, let’s just get straight to the point; playing baseball or softball is downright expensiveespecially so for those just getting started on their playing careers. Interested in buying a new bat that the best kids in the league are swinging? Be ready to spend between $300-$500. Maybe a new glove that’s used by baseball’s finest? That’s an easy $300-$400; and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with either of those price points, purchasing them won’t address a real problem.

Buying the best bat in the world won’t make you a better hitter, and a new glove won’t turn you into a gold-glove winning fielder. Think of it this way, if you were just starting to learn how to play the violin, would you immediately go out and purchase one retailing for $9,000? No. You’d start with one you could learn the ropes on and get comfortable with at a cheaper price point. That’s where WIN Reality comes in.

For just $29/mo, or $228/yr, a WIN Reality membership comes with access to 9 unique drills and an ever growing library of thousands of real pitchers all throwing with real velocity, real movement and unlimited reps. Also included in every membership? 3 unique profiles, so if you have more than one athlete in the family, they can all join in at no extra cost. At a batting cage, for $29, you’d be lucky to be able to take 100 swings. Even worse is the fact that you’ll also see the same pitch type, at the same velocity, to the same location, over, and over, and over. And chances are, the ball will get stuck in the feeding tube, multiple pitches will be thrown at you at the same time, and you’ll walk away feeling like you didn’t actually get any better. For all of the reasons above, it’s clear why WIN Reality is the best gift for baseball and softball players.

With WIN Reality, not only can you see 100 pitches in less than 15 minutes, but you’ll see different pitch types, at different velocities, to various locations all across the strike zone, just as you would in a real game situation. And better still, you don’t have to leave your house, you don’t have to be worried about fixing the pitch delivery system, and you’ll always leave your training session feeling like you improved. On top of all that? Our library of real pitchers in our virtual reality environment ranges from the 8U competition level all the way to the pros.

Players Can’t Outgrow WIN Reality

Another reason why shopping for kids, regardless of their love for baseball or softball, is tricky? They won’t stop growing! Maybe you’re thinking about getting a jersey of their favorite player, and while that will certainly be a big hit when they open it, you better be prepared to get the next size up when 2023 rolls around!

The same can be said about that expensive bat or glove. It’s just tough to make a commitment to anything with such a short shelf life. Think of all the bats, gloves, batting gloves, cleats, and workout gear you’ve personally gone through over the years. And think about the money that has gone down the drain with all of it. But with WIN Reality, players simply never age out of what our virtual reality training environment can offer. With a specifically designed youth field for our younger players, and pitchers throwing as low as 30 mph in our 8U category, little leaguers just getting started have their very own environment to train in. For softball players, we’ve built them their very own stadium to practice in. And last but not least, for those facing higher levels of baseball competition pitching from 60 feet 6 inches, you’ll be placed in a professional ballpark and have the ability to see unlimited pitches with a velocity topping out at 100mph.

At its core, this is the beauty of WIN Reality. The player gets to choose how they prepare, and how quickly they want to challenge themselves with more advanced levels of competition.

For players that feel they’ve outgrown their age bracket in the real world but don’t have the ability to move into a higher level until the next season, they have the chance to train in WIN Reality against the pitchers that they’ll be facing when they do take that next step. This allows them to get up to speed and gain confidence against higher velocity pitches with more movement. So they can feel like they’ve seen every pitch from every pitcher and can be ready to come through in clutch moments. This factor alone is more than enough to show why WIN Reality is the best gift for baseball and softball players, and we haven’t even mentioned that you get your own personal player-development coordinator yet.

Like a Personal Coach

Another aspect of the baseball and softball world that can become incredibly expensive; private coaching lessons. While we’re by no means suggesting that personal coaching doesn’t work (that would be a ludicrous statement), it’s just a fact that the dollars add up quickly. For higher end coaching sessions, the price tags can range from $50 to upwards of $100 for just a 30 minute session. In one full year, even just 12 hours of coaching for two sessions per month will rack up an expense charge between $1200 and $2400.

With WIN Reality however, there’s no extra charge for access to your very own personalized workouts, it’s just a part of your membership. After filling out your advanced profile, our ai-powered recommendation engine will start to create workouts tailored to your age and skill level, and will adapt and change over time based on your performance!

We’re also working on offering a 1:1 live coaching program that will be launching soon! From the moment you sign up, you’ll be contacted by your coach, who will monitor your progress, be ready to help answer any and all questions about WIN Reality, and even customize training programs directly to what you need. If you’re struggling against specific pitch types in games, let us know. Getting ready to face a tall right hander throwing with more velocity than you’re used to? Just let your player development coordinator know, and they’ll get to work with our data science team to build drills unique to you, all with one goal in mind; to unleash your inner greatness and prepare you to dominate the competition. If you’re interested in joining this program, you can sign up here to be notified when it launches!


At the end of the day, that’s the only thing that matters. Does what you’re purchasing have its intended impact? Or in the words of Marie Kondo, does it bring  you joy? With WIN Reality, there’s no doubt that our players get better when they train with us. There’s a reason why hundreds of college and professional teams, and an ever growing number of personal players have turned to our virtual reality training programs; because it works. But don’t just take our word for it, look at the data, and the success stories we’ve been fortunate enough to play a part in.

WIN Reality has a lot to get excited about. It allows you to turn your bedroom, living room, or garage into your own personal batting cage and practice session. It gives you an ever growing library that already has thousands of pitchers to choose from, throwing from every arm angle, with every pitch, and velocities ranging from 30-to-100mph. It can transport you into a youth field, a softball diamond, or a pro stadium. And on top of all of that it also gives you access to a personal player development coordinator that helps you analyze your results, understand your goals, and build custom training programs. And with a proven history of success from little league all the way to the big league MVP’s, there’s a reason why WIN Reality is the best gift for baseball and softball players.

While numbers are what everyone rushes to check, whether it be an increase in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging, home run count, or another offensive metric of your choosing, there’s something else that WIN Reality provides that isn’t tangible, and can’t be measured; increased confidence. In the worlds of baseball and softball, those who’ve played the game long enough understand that confidence is paramount. After all, it’s just like Yogi Berra said,

“Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.”

Walking up to the plate with a clear mind and a cemented self-confidence can often times be enough to push any player over the edge. It could be what you need to get that walk to keep the inning alive or to line that base hit just out of reach of the shortstop. Or, even better, to hit that walk-off home run to seal the game for you and your teammates. WIN Reality provides what everyone is searching for; a competitive edge, so that when that moment comes, they’ll be ready. So, for this holiday season, when the time comes to start shopping, you’ll know that the best gift for baseball and softball players is WIN Reality.

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