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Included in our memberships


Conquer every phase of hitting with our unique training modes and hitting workouts! And with the WIN Bat Attachment, you can even step up to the plate and swing away with your own lumber.


Track your progress and design your own training programs with our player development dashboard! Here you can breakdown what you're doing well, and where you can still improve.


Included with every membership is access to both baseball and softball. Our Standard Plan supports 2 player profiles, and our Pro plan supports up to 4 for those with multiple athletes in the house!

WIN Reality player
WIN Bat Attachment

Batting Equipment (optional)

The WIN Reality hitting add-on allows our member athletes to fully immerse themselves in our virtual reality training environment.

Players can purchase the WIN Reality Bat Attachment, which enables them to swing their real world bat in our virtual training environment.

"My son has been using WIN Reality and we have seen his batting average increase from .200 to .440 in travel ball."

- M. Harbaugh

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