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Supercharge your development with virtual reality.

MEasurable improvements that translate to the field

Hit Better, Faster
Players using WIN acquire skills 7x faster than those using only traditional training methods.
Be More Clutch
97% of WIN users surveyed said they felt more prepared for high pressure game situations.
Win More
Teams that train with WIN Reality average a 23% increase in their winning percentage.

designed for all levels

WIN Reality offers a wide range of velocity and overall skill level for hitters to prepare against. With age-appropriate stadiums and mound distances and a 600+ pitcher library to choose from, WIN Reality is perfect for players just getting started all the way to MVP winners in the majors.

Make the adjustment from coach and machine pitchers to facing live pitching with unlimited reps in WIN Reality. The easiest way to improve timing and feel more comfortable at the plate is to see as many pitches as possible. With WIN Reality, you can see more pitches in a few weeks than major leaguers see in an entire season.

As velocity starts to increase and pitchers start to throw offspeed and breaking pitches, you’ll be ready for it. Hit in specific situations to raise your baseball IQ. With WIN, you can hit any time and anywhere – see pitches in the car on the way to tournaments, or warm up pre-game when batting practice isn’t an option.

Don’t just make the team – hit in the middle of the order. Gain an edge over your competition and improve specific areas of your game that need the most work. Be ready for 90+ MPH and maximize your time to prove that you’re good enough to play at the next level.

Elite college programs and professional organizations use WIN Reality to face their opponents in virtual reality before they face them in real life. Join the ranks of WIN Reality members playing in Omaha, walking the stage at the Draft, and winning MVP awards.


Ben McCabe
University of Central Florida
“WIN Reality has been a great tool to improve my hitting. It allows me to practice from anywhere so I utilized it a lot over the off-season to improve timing at the plate and I’m getting results.”
Olivia P.
15u Player
“Over the past year I’ve been recovering from Tommy John surgery. As soon as I put the headset on I knew this was my ticket. I started to see the ball better and making good contact. Without WIN I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
Paul Goldschmidt
MLB MVP & All-Star
“You need to find a way to practice the strike zone… Before WIN Reality, you had to do it in a cage.”
Bruno M.
15u Player
“I was in a slump all of last season. I didn’t have much hope until I found WIN Reality. The drills and the reps have helped me so much with my timing and the way I see the ball. My batting average went from .328 to .570. Not only am I the best hitter on my team, but colleges are realizing that too.”
Mike Yastrzemski
MLB Outfielder
“It’s helped incredibly… The WIN VR system has legitimately helped me understand when I need to start my swing, when I need to start my load, and it’s been a huge tool for me.”
Jake H.
Lawson State CC
“I recently became a WIN Reality member! It has allowed me to see live pitching daily, put myself in situational scenarios, and adjust my needs based on what I want to work on. Thanks guys for such an amazing experience thus far.”
Nadia Taylor
Professional Softball Player
“This is like a cheat code. Everyone should be using WIN Reality.”
Nick J.
19u Player
“WIN Reality is an amazing tool to get your work done anytime and anywhere. I have always been a great fielder but struggled with my hitting skills for many years and now it has dramatically changed within months.”
Russel O.
18u Player
“Love this product. I’ve seen over 1,700 pitches in a week…it’s so important to see velocity and pitches.”



a hitting revolution

WIN Reality utilizes Virtual Reality to reproduce the hardest part of baseball training – doing it at game speed.

The most realistic hitting experience

We use cutting edge VR technology to deliver realistic stadiums, real pitcher’s windups, pitch velocity and movement, and bat and ball flight tracking. You can even use your own bat!

Face Any Pitcher You Can Imagine

With a 600+ pitcher library to choose from, you can find any velocity, repertoire, and arm slot to train against or prepare for upcoming opponents. You can even see the same stuff as the pros.

Endless Ways to Improve

With so much in the app- from identifying pitches, to working in specific situations, to full batting practice- you’ll never run out of ways to improve with WIN.


WIN provides personalized workouts developed by professional players and coaches to go beyond hitting drills and build well-rounded hitters.

AI-Powered Personalized Workouts

Developed by professional hitting coaches, WIN offers specific workouts powered by our AI-recommendation engine and based on a player’s unique skill level and performance in the app.

Immediate Feedback

Never be left wondering where you can improve in the moment. After each pitch and session, you’ll see real-time results and scores so you know how you stack up and where you need to improve.

Improvements You Can See

Track your progress over time with the player dashboard. You’ll see all you’ll results over time, so you watch your stats improve (in virtual reality and in games).

Frequently asked questions

How does WIN Reality help hitters get better?

WIN Reality uses virtual reality to deliver a variety of workouts and training modes that improve on every aspect of hitting: timing, plate discipline, pitch recognition, contact, and power. All of it adds up to confident, complete hitters.

Can I use WIN Reality to train specific skills or weaknesses?

Yes! With a WIN Reality Membership, you can tailor your sessions to focus on whatever part of your game you want! Target skills like improved timing against higher velocity or follow our recommended workouts based on your skill level. You’ll get instant feedback and be able to track your progress over time.

What will my coach think about me using WIN Reality?

WIN Reality is used and recommended by coaches, teams, and academies at all levels. Many of the coaches we work with note that their players training with WIN Reality progress faster and enjoy success at the plate more often. If you’re looking for even more help on becoming a better hitter, we also offer WIN Elite 1:1 Coaching LIVE through our app with former pro and college players.

How do I use WIN Reality?

To get started, you need a Meta Quest 2 headset, a WIN Reality Membership, and a Bat Attachment. You’ll download the WIN Reality app to your headset and log in with your member information.

Wait – I can use my own bat!?

That’s right – with the WIN Reality Bat Attachment you can take your own into virtual reality. WIN can be used with just the Meta Quest 2 controllers, but most Members prefer to use the bat attachment (which straps your Quest controller securely to your bat) for improved swing tracking and realistic hitting experience. They are included with all Pro Memberships.

Does WIN Reality offer baseball and softball?

Yes, all WIN Reality Memberships include unlimited use of both baseball and softball training.

Are new features and improvements being added to WIN Reality?

New features and improvements are constantly being developed and added to the app. We are hard at work on new gameplay modes, better performance tracking, and improved motion tracking and physics for the most realistic hitting experience possible.