• WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 
  • WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 
  • WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 
  • WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 
  • WIN Shortbat back in-stock • Special offer • 30% off when subscribed to pro annual • 

Lady Dukes Partner With WIN Reality

The Lady Dukes take training to the next level with WIN Reality Nationwide partnership.

WIN Reality’s VR batting app will improve player performance throughout the organization while creating tighter bonds between teammates and coaches in-season and off.

AUSTIN (August 1, 2022) – This month, WIN Reality has partnered with The Lady Dukes softball travel organization to launch a revolutionary new product specifically built for organizations to allow interactive team practices in the virtual world.

This product gives coaches the ability to create customized practice plans built around real game-speed pitches for their teams while tracking individual progress across each team through a custom, organizational-wide dashboard.

The Lady Dukes’ implementation of WIN Reality’s latest technology is helping the whole organization sharpen their focus on dramatically increasing at-bat performance for the next generation of softball stars. Players and coaches are now able to import real pitches from any pitcher they’re likely to face so that hitters can practice against them anytime.

James Lamar, the President of the Lady Dukes program agrees, “WIN Reality’s anywhere, anytime VR format adds a new dimension to our player development by enabling players and coaches to work together virtually without adding on-field practice time or travel. As a bonus, bad weather is no longer a consideration.”

Mr. Lamar added, “Not only can each team work together on the platform, WIN Reality’s custom dashboard is able to span our entire nationwide organization, providing actionable insights for all of our coaches and players. We finally have a tool that allows a large community of players to feel individually connected to form deeper relationships with their teammates and coaches year round.”

WIN Reality Founder & CEO Chris O’Dowd says of the partnership, “The Lady Dukes feature some of the nation’s top-ranked players, so we are very proud to provide our complete training package of individual bat attachments for each player, dedicated player development staff, and customized progress tracking portal, to help provide a crucial edge for these amazing players in this increasingly competitive sport.

We feel we are helping to build the future of softball around an incredibly effective and accessible training platform”

About WIN Reality: WIN Reality is a virtual reality-based training tool designed to offer athlete evaluation and development. The company’s software solution allows baseball and softball players to step into a virtual ballpark and take game-speed pitches that move exactly as they would in a live environment. This empowers each customer to achieve their peak potential faster than they ever could with traditional training methods. Learn more at www.winreality.com.

About The Lady Dukes: A premier, national-level training softball organization based in Durham, NC. They compete at the National, Regional, and Local levels in age groups ranging from 8U to 18U with teams hailing from 11 states and counting!

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