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With WIN Reality, your players don't have to wait for the game to compete.


Get personalized feedback for each of your players through WIN Reality's automated reports.


Live pitching for hitters, no matter where they are. Get game-speed reps anywhere.

Membership Benefits

  • Complete access to the WIN Series application. You’ll receive our full library of seven unique pitch recognition modes that help players focus on picking up the release point and the earliest pieces of information related to ball flight.  With our Beta Hitting program, players will be able to get feedback on their swing and the quality of contact.
  • Ability to connect your players to your WIN Team for competitions and other unique programs. Create friendly intra-team tournaments to have players challenge each other to reach the top of the leaderboards. Whether it’s trying to get as close as possible to predicting where the ball crossed the plate, or having the best decision timing, WIN Reality provides a new spin on competitions.

WIN Reality Testimonials


“WIN Reality is one of these ways where we can get back to what we love as coaches, and give hitters something that allows them to identify pitches they should swing at, and honing their senses with their timing mechanisms, and then really take it to the next level of understanding. And for young hitters, that’s so important. To be able to practice pitch recognition, timing, and get back to the core principles of hitting, that’s something that WIN Reality directly helps with.”

-Jered Goodwin, National Scouting Director at Perfect Game USA

“WIN Reality is the most life-like. From a comfort perspective, the more they see it, the more comfortable they’re gonna be every time they step into the batter’s box.”

-Bill Cilento, Associate Head Coach at Wake Forest

“You need to find a way to practice the strike zone. Before WIN Reality, you had to do it in a [batting] cage. The VR is very realistic.”

-Paul Goldschmidt, 6x MLB All-Star

“It’s helped incredibly. The WIN VR system has legitimately helped me understand when I need to start my swing, when I need to start my load, and it’s been a huge tool for me.”

Mike Yastrzemski, MLB Outfielder

“WIN Reality has helped me out a lot. Leading up to big events, I’d see 500 pitches a day. It feels like you’re in there.”

-Max Soliz Jr., #1 overall catcher in Alabama

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