• Limited Time Offer • Save $157 + Free Bat Attachment • 
  • Limited Time Offer • Save $157 + Free Bat Attachment • 
  • Limited Time Offer • Save $157 + Free Bat Attachment • 
  • Limited Time Offer • Save $157 + Free Bat Attachment • 
  • Limited Time Offer • Save $157 + Free Bat Attachment • 

Train, compete, and play together

Live Pitch lets the batter go head-to-head with a pitcher. The batter can work on specific pitches, train against pitch sequences, and more. And the pitcher can go for the strikeout! Parents, this is a great way to connect with your kid when they train.

Step on the virtual pitcher’s mound

Live Pitch turns anyone into a pitcher. Fire up the mobile app and choose from WIN’s 600+ pitcher library. You can pick the pitch type and where you want to place it, all in real-time. It’s a blast!

Train together

Thanks to Live Pitch, training with WIN Reality is now interactive. Competing together makes reaching the next level even faster and more fun.

Select pitches and locations in the app to throw to the hitter. The pitcher can choose from WIN’s 600+ pitcher library.

Track your progress in real-time in the mobile app. You’ll see how often you trained this week, your current training streak, and more. Additional data includes info on your career hitting performance, broken down into swing decision, swing timing, and average exit velocity. You can also track Exhibition mode stats like batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. You can even bask in your Highlights of the Week…before you get back to it!


Why should I download the WIN mobile app?

The WIN mobile app gives you access to Live Pitch and in-app statistics and reports, allowing you to train with the VR player and stay up to speed on their progress.

The WIN mobile app is available to download on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play store.

No, the WIN mobile app is not required to use WIN Reality.

What customers are saying about the MOBILE app

I really like playing WIN with my son. It’s a fun way for us to train together.
It’s been a game changer to pitch to my child in the headset. I can’t throw a curveball in real life, but I can throw him one with this.
True Italiano
The Live Pitch feature is a blast. Get to compete and play with my son in the off-season without wearing down my arm. Love it!
This app allows you to pitch to your son/daughter in WIN Reality! This is so cool! Can’t wait to use this more!
It was so cool that Coach Dante could control the pitches and throw the ball exactly where he wanted.
I love pitching to him, that is such a SICK feature!!!! Pitching Live BP in my living room!

Do you have a meta quest headset?

Win Reality works on the Meta Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro headsets