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Josie F.
14u Parent
“WIN Reality has given my daughter’s softball program a huge edge. Everyone is seeing over a hundred pitches per day, it’s been incredible.”
Pamela J.
18u Parent
“My son is using the system and loves it. He is excited about seeing the competition. Definitely worth investing in from my perspective.”
Philip S.
16u Parent
“An unbelievable experience training with WIN Reality using the Meta Quest system… A must have for anyone serious about playing baseball.”
Tony R.
18u Parent
“I have yet to encounter a product that even vaguely produces the results the WIN Reality system has delivered. We are seeing immediate results.”
Steven F.
WIN Elite Parent
“Coach Will’s positive energy and encouragement, paired with WIN’s technology, would make any young player better.”
Robert D.
WIN Elite Parent
“I am incredibly impressed with your product… Being able to get kids virtual at-bats during the school day has been revolutionary!”
Bill Cilento
Wake Forest Coach
“WIN Reality is the most life-like. From a comfort perspective, the more they see it, the more comfortable they’re gonna be everytime they step into the batter’s box.”
Paul Goldschmidt
MLB MVP & All-Star
“You need to find a way to practice the strike zone… Before WIN Reality, you had to do it in a cage.”
Mike Baxter
Vanderbilt Hitting Coach
“It feels very realistic. It recreates the hardest part of the game to recreate: pitching. Where it is today is an excellent product.”
Paul Mainieri
LSU Head Coach
“I put the goggles on and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I stood in the batter’s box and watched them pitch to me.”
Dan Simonds
Director of Baseball, IMG Academy
“It’s a huge part of what we do. It’s so important for kids to get game-like experiences, and WIN provides it for them.”