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frequently asked questions

answers from the WIN Reality Team


Does WIN Reality offer baseball and softball?

Yes, all WIN Reality Memberships include unlimited use of both baseball and softball training.

Wait – I can use my own bat!?

That’s right – with the WIN Reality Bat Attachment you can take your own into virtual reality. WIN can be used with just the Meta Quest 2 controllers, but most Members prefer to use the bat attachment (which straps your Quest controller securely to your bat) for improved swing tracking and realistic hitting experience. They are included with all Pro Memberships.

How do I use WIN Reality?

To get started, you need a Meta Quest 2 headset, a WIN Reality Membership, and a Bat Attachment. You’ll download the WIN Reality app to your headset and log in with your member information.

Can I use WIN Reality to train specific skills or weaknesses?

Yes! With a WIN Reality Membership, you can tailor your sessions to focus on whatever part of your game you want! Target skills like improved timing against higher velocity or follow our recommended workouts based on your skill level. You’ll get instant feedback and be able to track your progress over time.

What will my coach think about me using WIN Reality?

WIN Reality is used and recommended by coaches, teams, and academies at all levels. Many of the coaches we work with note that their players training with WIN Reality progress faster and enjoy success at the plate more often. If you’re looking for even more help on becoming a better hitter, we also offer WIN Elite 1:1 Coaching LIVE through our app with former pro and college players.

How does WIN Reality help hitters get better?

WIN Reality uses virtual reality to deliver a variety of workouts and training modes that improve on every aspect of hitting: timing, plate discipline, pitch recognition, contact, and power. All of it adds up to confident, complete hitters.

Are new features and improvements being added to WIN Reality?

New features and improvements are constantly being developed and added to the app. We are hard at work on new gameplay modes, better performance tracking, and improved motion tracking and physics for the most realistic hitting experience possible.


How often should my player use WIN Reality?

WIN Reality provides the best results when used consistently. Using WIN for just 15 minutes a day will help players develop skills like plate discipline 7x faster than those who don’t.

Is WIN Reality unlimited?

Yes, WIN Memberships include unlimited use of both baseball and softball, so you player can train when they want, as often as they want, from anywhere.

Is WIN Reality right for my player’s age and skill level?

WIN Reality is used safely and effectively by players of all ages. The app offers a wide range of velocity and workout skill levels, all easily tailored to your player.

With age-appropriate stadiums and mound distances and a 600+ pitcher library to choose from, WIN Reality drives results for players just getting started all the way to MVP winners in the majors.

What support is available for players who are new to WIN Reality?

Our support team is standing by for all Members to help with getting started, troubleshooting, and getting the most our of their Membership. We also offer WIN Elite, an add-on service for LIVE 1:1 Coaching within the WIN Reality app.

Can I monitor my child’s progress and performance in WIN Reality?

Yes! With the Membership’s log in, you can monitor your child’s progress and performance through the WIN Reality Dashboard, a hub for all app data, user settings, and payment management.

Can multiple hitters use a WIN Reality Membership?

If you have multiple hitters in the family, you can set up different usernames for them – up to 2 with our Standard Membership, and up to 4 in with our Pro Membership.

Each hitter can manage their settings and information on their username, as well as track progress separately.

WIN Elite

How many sessions do I get?

WIN Elite members will have 5 sessions included with each 3-month membership. The sessions are scheduled around when it’s convenient for you, and generally are timed up with key parts of your training plans to keep you on track towards meeting your goals.

How much does WIN Elite cost?

For a limited time, you can get your first 3 months of WIN Elite for $99 (normally $299)! After that, WIN Elite will cost $299 for subsequent 3-month memberships. Memberships will renew every three months but can be cancelled at any time.

Is WIN Elite for both baseball and softball?

Yes, we have dedicated coaches for each sport.

Do I need an active WIN Reality membership to join WIN Elite?

Yes, WIN Elite is an add-on and can only be joined by those with active WIN Standard or Pro memberships.

Who are the WIN Elite Coaches?

All WIN Elite coaches are former professional or college baseball and softball players who are now full-time WIN Reality coaches, teaching hitting skills to the next generation of players.

Coaches & Organizations

How many users can I add to my organization’s WIN Reality account?

WIN Reality supports standard teams of 10-15 players all the way up to MLB organizations and 1,000+ player programs with multiple teams included.

Can I track my players’ usage, progress and improvement over time?

Coaches have full visibility to each player’s progress and performance reports so you can ensure they’re doing the work and know what areas you can help them continue to improve.

Can WIN Reality be customized for my team or organization’s specific needs?

We work with organizations of all sizes to meet their players needs. The best way to determine how WIN Reality can help your team improve is to get in touch with our calendar or contact form above!

Can I customize training programs for individual athletes with WIN Reality?

WIN Reality allows you to provide training plans tailored to each of your players based on their strengths and weaknesses and what you’re coaching them on.

How are coaches and organizations using WIN Reality to improve?

Teams and organizations at all levels are using WIN Reality to win more by employing it in a number of ways. Popular use cases include:

  • pre-game visualization with pitchers who match (or even are) their upcoming opponent
  • as a station during hitting drills
  • for players’ home/personal use
  • to stay sharp in the offseason
  • to increase reps at any time
  • to continue training when limited by weather
  • to continue training when limited by injury

Meta Quest 2

Where should I get a Meta Quest 2 or 3 headset?

We recommend purchasing a Quest 3 headset directly from Meta here. You can purchase a Quest 2 headset directly from Meta here. They are available to order online, and Meta will occasionally run promotions offering a discount or adding other free games with your purchase.

Are there minimum hardware requirements for the Quest 2 or Quest 3 headsets?

The WIN Reality application takes up less than 2 GB storage space. The 128 GB option will be a more than sufficient option!

Can I use WIN Reality with the Quest 2 or Quest 3 controllers?

Yes, WIN Reality can be used with just the Quest 2 or Quest 3 controllers. In many training modes and workouts, you’ll only need your controller, and they work in the modes where you’re swinging as well. While optional, many Members take advantage of our WIN Reality Bat Attachment, which securely attaches a Quest 2 controller to any bat you want to swing while using the app for improved swing tracking and a realistic hitting experience. Bat Attachments are included free with all Pro and Elite Memberships or can be purchased separately.

How do I set up my Quest 2 or Quest 3 headset to use WIN Reality?

To use WIN Reality with your Meta Quest 2 or 3 headset, you will need to download the WIN Reality app from the Meta Store and log in with your Membership information. You can find our setup guide here.

Can I use WIN Reality with other VR headsets?

While we have supported earlier headsets in the past, currently WIN Reality can only be used with a Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3 headset. We recommend it for the most consistent and realistic hitting experience available today.

Getting Started / Onboarding

What should I do after I purchase a Membership?

After you purchase a membership, download the WIN Reality app on your Meta Quest 2 headset. You’ll be able to use your account information to log in and start training. Make sure to set up your advanced profile in the WIN Dashboard or in-app for the most tailored experience. For step-by-step instructions, see here.

How can I track my order and payments?

If you ordered a Bat Attachment, you’ll receive an order confirmation as well as an email with tracking information once it ships. To track and manage your payments and membership, log in to your account on the WIN Reality Dashboard.

Bat Attachment Setup

How do I set up my bat attachment?
Will this work with any bat?

Yes! The WIN Bat Attachment is designed to fasten securely on both baseball and softball bats.

How long will it take to arrive?

Typical turnaround time for the WIN Bat Attachment with standard shipping is 7-10 business days! After your Bat Attachment ships, a notification with tracking information will be sent to the email used to create your WIN Reality account.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

We do! Select “Expedited Shipping” during the shipping step at checkout for 2-business day shipping service.

Do I need the bat attachment to use WIN Reality?

You do NOT need the WIN Bat Attachment to train in our application. All of our training modes only require usage of the Meta Quest Controllers. However, the bat attachment is preferred by most of our members so they can swing their real bat while hitting in the different modes in the app where hitters are swinging.