NEW: Control pitches in VR with Live Pitch!

Built to make you a better hitter

Unlock the power of virtual reality.


Every time at the plate is different. Our professional coaches have developed a wide range of ways to train, so you’ll be ready for all of them.

Game Prep & Skill Development

See an unlimited amount of pitches and use targeted workouts and training modes to prepare for a variety in-game situations, get comfortable in specific counts and against specific pitches, and improve your hitting IQ. You can even bring your own bat into VR.

Batting Practice & At Bats

Take live swings against any kind of pitcher you want – all with your own bat!

Pitch Recognition

Start recognizing different pitches early and often. As your recognition improves, so will your contact and plate discipline.

Release Point

Over the top, three-quarters, or side arm – you’ll train to focus on release point and start seeing pitches earlier out of the hand.

Personalized, AI-Powered Workouts

Hitters can jump right in to personalized workouts designed by professions to translate to results on the field. WIN uses our AI-recommendation engine to tailor workouts to each player based on on their profile, skill level, and in-app performance.

Attack Velocity

Get comfortable against faster speeds and train to do damage against the fastball.

Battle with Two Strikes

Make yourself the toughest out by focusing on spoiling good pitches with two strikes and getting something you can handle.

Wait Back on Change Ups

Train to look fastball and react to off-speed. Sit back and drive it!


Words From WINNERS

Bill Cilento
Wake Forest Coach
“WIN Reality is the most life-like. From a comfort perspective, the more they see it, the more comfortable they’re gonna be everytime they step into the batter’s box.”
Ben McCabe
University of Central Florida
“WIN Reality has been a great tool to improve my hitting. It allows me to practice from anywhere so I utilized it a lot over the off-season to improve timing at the plate and I’m getting results.”
Jackson F.
13u Parent
“At first I was skeptical. But watching my son focus on different programs like pitch recognition and timing has been wonderful. His approach to batting has reached new heights thanks to the entire team at WIN Reality.”
Jennifer Patrick-Swift
NC State Head Coach
“This is a part of training we have always dreamed about providing for our team and WIN Reality has made it happen! This is going to be a staple in the daily development of our hitters here at NC State.”
Josie F.
14u Parent
“WIN Reality has given my daughter’s softball program a huge edge. Everyone is seeing over a hundred pitches per day, it’s been incredible.”
John Lampros
Two Five Baseball
“WIN Reality came through. Our hitters can now work on attacking certain parts of the zone, helping them get prepared to develop an in-game approach.”
Robert D.
WIN Elite Parent
“I am incredibly impressed with your product… Being able to get kids virtual at-bats during the school day has been revolutionary!”
Mike Yastrzemski
MLB Outfielder
“It’s helped incredibly… The WIN VR system has legitimately helped me understand when I need to start my swing, when I need to start my load, and it’s been a huge tool for me.”
Paul Goldschmidt
MLB MVP & All-Star
“You need to find a way to practice the strike zone… Before WIN Reality, you had to do it in a cage.”
Samuel M.
WIN Elite Parent
“It was so cool that Coach Dante could control the pitches and throw the ball exactly where he wanted.”
Paul Mainieri
LSU Head Coach
“I put the goggles on and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I stood in the batter’s box and watched them pitch to me.”
Wanda W.
17u Parent
“My son had added WIN Reality to his practice routine the past three months and is benefiting from the live ABs and pitch recognition of great pitchers and multiple velocity ranges. A great training tool to leverage as he gears up for high school and summer tournaments.”
Albert P.
WIN Elite 13u Player
“The ability for my WIN Coach to work with me on a single pitch type and location during a session allows me to train on specific weakness areas in a way that I’ve never found anywhere else.”


With 600+ pitchers to choose from, you can face velocities from 40-100+ mph, see any pitch type you can imagine, and train against righties and lefties from any arm angle. WIN uses actual pitch data and pitcher windups to provide an amazingly realistic hitting experience.

Hit like you’ve seen every pitch. Because you have.
Repetition against game-speed pitching is the is the key to improving, and with WIN Reality you can see more pitches in a week than most major league players see in a full season. No more struggling to catch up to fastballs or getting fooled by offspeed.

Click each pitch to see what it looks like in virtual reality.

Level up with performance data

Get instant feedback in the app and full stat tracking over time in the WIN Dashboard. You can even see how you stack up against others on the WIN Leaderboard.


Immediate Feedback

Never be left wondering where you can improve in the moment. After each pitch and training session, you’ll see real-time results and scores so you know how you stack up and where you need to improve.

Scouting Reports and Trendlines

Track your progress over time with the player dashboard. You’ll see stats for every pitch you see and training session you complete and watch your stats improve (in virtual reality and in games).