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WIN Bat Attachment $25

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Take your own bat into VR for the most realistic hitting experience possible! While not required, the Bat Attachment allows players to use their bat of choice in some of our most popular training modes.


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Frequently asked questions

    • Do I need the bat attachment to use WIN Reality?

      You do NOT need the WIN Bat Attachment to train in our application. All of our training modes only require usage of the Meta Quest Controllers. However, the bat attachment is preferred by most of our members so they can swing their real bat while hitting in our batting practice and situation hitting modes.

    • Will this work with any bat?

      Yes! The WIN Bat Attachment is designed to fasten securely on both baseball and softball bats.

    • How long will it take to arrive?

      Typical turnaround time for the WIN Bat Attachment with standard shipping is 7-10 business days! After your Bat Attachment ships, a notification with tracking information will be sent to the email used to create your WIN Reality account.

    • Do you offer expedited shipping?

      We do! Select "Expedited Shipping" during the shipping step at checkout for 2-business day shipping service.

    • How do I set up my bat attachment?

      Great question! See step-by-step details and instructional video below!

Preparing your bat for VR

  • Start with your left Quest controller.
  • Hold the bat attachment upright so the logo reads ‘WR’.
  • Place your left Quest controller inside the bat attachment as far as possible and make sure it is snug.
  • To secure the controller, take the top two Velcro straps and loop them inside the Quest ring.
  • Take the bottom strap and loop through the Velcro opening.
  • Pull as tight as possible and secure Velcro to the bottom piece, making sure both straps are as secure as possible.
  • Take your bat and place your bat attachment directly below the barrel of the bat.
  • Take the rubber straps and wrap them around the bat as tight as possible.
  • You will feel slight tension when securing the straps. This is normal.
  • Secure as tight as possible in a belt-like fashion. It should be tight enough that the wrap stays in place.
  • Before you begin to take swings inside VR, make sure you have a safe space to swing in.
  • Take your bat, hold the handle, and extend your arms outward to make sure your swing radius will not come into contact with any objects in the area.
  • Make sure to alert anyone that is in your house, apartment, or training space that you will be taking live swings without the ability to see.
  • Once you've completed this safety check, you're ready to start swinging in VR!
WIN Reality Bat Attachment