1-on-1 coaching to supercharge your development

WIN Elite is coming soon for baseball and softball and spots will be limited at launch. Sign up below to receive priority access!

WIN Elite Coaching

Professional hitting coaches have long used WIN Reality as a way to help hitters improve. We're bringing that option to everyone with WIN Elite, a premium membership add-on designed to help you get the most out of Virtual Reality.

  • Your own personal Coach
  • Live 1:1 VR coaching sessions
  • Personalized onboarding and assessment
  • Customized training plans
  • Exclusive events and merchandise
  • $299 for a 3-month package

Why WIN Elite?

Focused on YOU

Personalized Training

Hit the ground running and never look back.

  • Your Coach takes you through onboarding and a personalized assessment
  • A training plan is devised based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your Coach will tailor training as you go and hold you accountable to progressing towards your baseball or softball goals

Hands-On Experience

Live 1-1 coaching

Work with your Coach directly in the VR app.

  • WIN Elite includes five LIVE, 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • Members meet 1-1 with Coaches through the app for 30-minute guided sessions
  • Your Coach takes you through workouts, gives feedback, and sets you up with a plan before the next session
  • Includes Coach Mode access, a new feature which allows WIN Coaches to pitch to you during the session for targeted training

Member-only access

Exclusive Community Events and more!

Join an Elite community of players and coaches.

  • Get on-demand text messaging access to your Coach
  • Exclusive invites to Events like live Q&A with college and pro players
  • Future complimentary merchandise drops

WIN ELITE Membership

Get the most out of your WIN Reality membership.

Frequently asked questions

    • Who are the WIN Elite Coaches?

      All WIN Elite coaches are former professional or college baseball and softball players who are experts in the WIN Reality app and how to best apply it for each hitter at an individual level.

    • When will WIN Elite launch?

      We expect to make WIN Elite available to initial members in early 2023.

    • Do I need an active Win Reality membership to join WIN Elite?

      Yes, WIN Elite is an add-on and can only be joined by those with active WIN Standard or Pro memberships.

    • How will access work at launch?

      Access will be limited due to the number of coaches we have to ensure that all WIN Elite members enjoy a premium experience. When WIN Elite launches, we'll reach out to interested members in the order they signed up in. Be sure to fill out the survey we send you after you sign up so we can pair you with the ideal Coach.

    • Is WIN Elite for both baseball and softball?

      Yes, we have dedicated coaches for each sport.

    • Is there any commitment if I join the waitlist?

      No, there's no commitment for joining the waitlist, so if you're interested, be sure to grab your spot in line!

    • How much does WIN Elite cost?

      WIN Elite is $299 for a 3-month membership. Memberships will renew every three months but can be cancelled at any time.

    • How many sessions do I get?

      WIN Elite members will have 5 sessions included with each 3-month membership. The sessions are scheduled around when it's convenient for you, and generally are timed up with key parts of your training plans to keep you on track towards meeting your goals.

Interested in WIN Elite?

WIN Elite is launching soon and will be available to a limited number of players to start.

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